The Angels Caribbean Band, led by Amar “Vinod” Bisram, is New York’s most versatile Caribbean live band consisting of a team of dynamic and talented musicians and singers from various Caribbean islands. Angels Caribbean Band made their professional debut in June 1994.

The original concept behind the formation of this group is to promote and preserve Caribbean arts, culture and heritage. Angels Caribbean Band have enjoyed remarkable success and continue to be trendsetters since they exploded upon America’s Caribbean Multi-Cultural music scene.

With the ability to play different types of musical styles, the group had the privilege to accompany most of the top named Caribbean artistes including the Mighty Sparrow the Calypso King of the World, the late ‘Godfather of Chutney Music’ Sundar Popo, Legendary Bollywood King Kumar Sanu, Dave Martins, Alison Hinds, David Rudder,Terry Gajraj, KI, Raymond Ramnarine, Rooplal G, Mr. Easy, Edwin Yearwood, Peter Ram, Biggie Irie, Chris Garcia, Drupattee Ramgonai, Rikki Jai, Omardath Maraj, Kries Ramkhelawan, Soca Raja, Ashnie, Adrian Dutchin, Jumo Primo, Sunny Man, Heeralall Rampertab, Apache Waria, Sammy Baksh, Yankarran Brothers (Anand, Rakesh, Sharm, Ashok), Jameer Hosein, Rasika Dindiyal, Seeta Panday, Rajdai Singh, Devindra Pooran, Clement Surajpal, Adesh Samaroo, Hunter, Ramraji Prabhu, Videsh Sookhu, Calypso Rose, Crazy, Baron and many more. Angels Caribbean Band were also fortunate to share the same stage with The Tradewinds, Freddy McGreggor, Shaggy, Yellowman, Daville, Lady Saw, Marcia Griffith, Natural Black, Barrinton Levy and many other top Caribbean Artistes.
Angels Caribbean Band had many memorable performances throughout America and Canada, which includes the world famous Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum Disney Amphi Theatre, Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic city,Six Flags Great Adventure, Resorts World Casino, Queens Int’l Food and Music Festival festival, West Indian Day Carnival Brooklyn, Queens Day Festival, Jamaica Arts & Music Festival, Toronto’s Last Lap Lime, New York’s Annual Phagwah Parade and many more.

The group has been honored many times for their contribution towards numerous charitable events.
Welcome to the Angels Caribbean Band, one of the leading Caribbean music groups based in New York. Meet the team of musicians and singers who always stimulate your imagination with energy, excitement and exhilaration mixed with spell bounding and dazzling stage performance. The band that gives you infectious musical styles never before combined by any other Caribbean music group. The only group that can alter its repertoire to meet the taste buds of both local and international audiences.

So it’s time to get on board with the Angels Caribbean Band crew and enjoy this musical ride of your life!

Angels Caribbean Band is a subsidiary of Angels Caribbean Entertainment Group of Companies, Inc., New York’s most dynamic and progressive Caribbean entertainment organization.


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